GitHub Contribution Cheat Sheet

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Great for beginning developers!

Also good for developers that are developing late into the night and forget how to do it.

Useful for open source or proprietary projects.

This walks through how to volunteer to work on a ticket, create a branch, clone the repository, and create a pull request to merge to the original repository.

My intention was to make it very visual. So you'd be able to see what you type into the command line and what you would look for on GitHub.

If you're a student, just starting out, or struggling financially, please feel free to pay the minimum $25. Otherwise, if you're still pretty set in your career I'd humbly request you pay the full $79.

Questions and feedback is welcome. Please email me ( or reach out to me on element (

  • A full page detailing how to contribute to a project

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  • A full page detailing how to contribute to a project
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GitHub Contribution Cheat Sheet

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